In the Garden

garden sketchWhen I’m not hard at work on XML mapping or requirements gathering, you can find me out in the garden. In addition to tending my own plot, I work with people to design their own patch of earth to meet their needs – be they decorative or edible.

I believe strongly in designing the garden to match the person.



harvestI tend a long, narrow urban plot in Zone 7a, which already had a few perennials in place when I moved in. Over the last few years, my goal has been to create beds dedicated to fruit and vegetables. Visit my Flickr album to see pictures from my own garden, as well as others I’ve helped create.

If you’re in Charlottesville and interested in getting some advice or help in creating an oasis, reach out and let me know.

2015 Round-up

2015 was a learning year for me: I planted gardens on steep slopes, in full shade, in the city, and out in the country. In addition to my own work, I joined the Center for Urban Habitats to create new gardens of native plants, from the heart of Charlottesville and all the way to Schuyler, Virginia.


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