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It’s been a snowy and frigid week, but indoors my seedlings are starting to make new leaves. This first batch is a selection of hardy (hardier?) greens, such as spinach, swiss chard, turnip greens, and, for the very first time, tatsoi. And since I’d like to get a head start on the herbs I’ll be craving as soon as the temperatures warm, I’ve also chosen to start some basil, thyme and cumin. My setup for growing indoors is pretty small, so the goal is to rotate out this group once they’re a bit more established, and then start on the usual summer favorites.

Mostly, I’ve been paging through seed catalogs and dreaming of ways to make this year’s garden more colorful. If you’re also a seed catalog junkie, seek out the one published by D. Landreth Company, which is gorgeous in addition to being informative.

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